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The exams are held in Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Fresno, Ventura, Long Beach, San Bernadino, Norwalk, Oxnard and San Diego.

The tests are multiple choice. That is, you choose A, B, C, or D. There is no writing. The law test will consist of approximately 125 questions and the trade exam will vary from trade to trade. There are 90 - 100 questions on average. The test is timed, however, the State gives you more than enough time to complete the exam.

You will be notified of your score upon completion of the exam.

The following questions are typical of the kind of items that are on the Business and Law examination. The correct answer is listed.

1. As part of the safety training process contractors’ supervisors are required to conduct “tool box” or “tailgate” safety meetings. How often must these meetings be held?

a. Daily
b. At least once every ten working days
c. At least once a month
d. At least once a quarter
Correct answer B

2. Which of the following items is a job-related direct cost?

a. Trade Association membership dues
b. Contractor’s license renewal fee
c. Performance bonds
d. Office rent
Correct answer C

3. What legal remedy can be pursued for nonpayment of funds owed to a contractor from a private job?

a. Notify the city building official.
b. File preliminary lien notice.
c. Perfect the claim of the lien.
d. File a Stop Notice.
Correct answer C

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